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Inspire Scholarship Program

Inspire Communication believes everyone deserves the right to speak and to be understood to the best of their ability. 

Some of our patients are 'late' talkers...'slow' talkers...some patients suddenly lose the ability to communicate due to an accident or health problem. Some patients use Augmentative/Alternative Communication such as picture exchange, dedicated voice output devices or high-tech communication apps.

While many patients are able to secure funding in order to receive services, many more are simply unable to afford much needed care. 

Inspire Communication is now committed to raising awareness in the community in order to help cover the cost of therapy for a child or adult who might otherwise go without speech services.

For every $1000 raised, one patient (child or adult) will be awarded our Scholarship Program which includes a comprehensive speech/language assessment, five therapy sessions and an individually tailored Home Program to encourage continued improvements once therapy is done.

Application Process

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